If you are starting out as a forex trader, chances are that questions such as “Is there really such a thing as free online Forex trading courses?”, “Do they really help” etc., have crossed your mind, time and often. Although the plain and simple answer is YES, but you will still need to do some homework first before venturing out into that risky world. The trading market is a volatile one, and hence, it will require a lot of skills and training on you part to avoid the unfortunate circumstance of having to deal with losses. Free online trading courses can help you in this regard.

Below are some of the online websites that will help you find genuine and effective trading lessons for your trading needs.


This is a website that will offer you a lot of information in Forex in their Forex Education section. Visitors also have the opportunity to sign up for a free membership that will proffer access to a number of forums that hold discussions on anything related to Forex. With a simple yet sophisticated content base, and extra resources, this site will help you walk away with some fairly good idea on trading.


If you are starting out

This is a website, slash, tutorial that is created specifically for beginners in the forex trading world. They have training for every level from “pre-school” (beginners to forex) on up. The site has some good extras, such as articles, blogs, forums and a “forexpedia,” an easy to use online forex encyclopedia. The school progresses through “grades” and there is a certain aspect of forex trading that is assigned to each grade level. You can find this site at www.babypips.com.

Online Trading Academy

The Online Trading Academy is a hub for professional traders to seek advice on many FOREX related topics. Traders will find free macromedia flash presentations including videos and audio recordings in the form of tutorials that teaches how to get started in FOREX as well as how to pursue as career as a trader. These free classes are quite helpful if you want to hone your skills in stock trading.


MTI, or the Market of Traders Institute, Inc., besides it primary business, is also a free online trading course provider that helps prospective traders with a lot of valuable tutorials on online forex trading. They have free downloadable guides that explains: the keys to a successful forex trading, forex fundamentals, how to start out as a trader and so on, including many other great freebies. Free publications, forex tools, demo software and a mountain of trading advice is what you are looking at in here.

These free online forex trading courses are abundant, of course, but these are good enough only to get started. If you wish to go deeper into the world of stock market, you will need to pay some fees to get your hands at the best and genuine online information.

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