Strategies that work best in trading market are abundant; I am sure you won’t be facing any difficulty finding them. Whether it’s a bull market or a bear market, the basic mantra for making money is to monitor the trend, trade up, or trade down accordingly, and lock in the profits when the trend ends. But have you ever thought what would you do when the market sits? Don’t make the mistake of taking a flat market for a barren phase. In fact, one of the biggest advantages it has over other types of trading is that here you have the opportunity to make money even when the market is doing nothing at all. For those who qualify as traditional currency traders, profiting in these still times can be little tricky as movement is what they profit on. But there are strategies that work perfectly well even in sideways market, in the times when the market is hardly moving at all.

No Touch Trading

No Touch is one of those trading strategies that enable a trader to make money even when the market sits still. Contrary to the “one touch trade”, where you bet that a particular asset will reach a given trigger value within a certain expiry timeframe, in “No touch trade” you feel confident that although there is a small up or down movement. But since the asset has been sitting roughly at a particular price range for a while, the currency isn’t going anywhere and you bet that the asset will not reach a trigger value within a certain expiry timeframe. In other words, you place a No Touch trade on the currency. If you are willing to play a tight game, No touch trade might turn out be a lot more profitable than you might have ever expected.

Boundary Trading

Boundary trading, or range trade takes its name from the fact that during a flat market, when the price trend has been experiencing neither an uptrend nor a downtrend, if you study a chart of an asset that is consolidating, and try to draw trend lines across the highs and lows, you will be able to see that even though the price is moving up and down, the upper and lower limit, however, form a range or boundaries as walls confining price. Eventually the asset breaks out of this consolidation range and makes a move, but since markets take more time in consolidation than breaking out and trending utilizing this quite times for making profits won’t harm you.


Scalping is yet another strategy to make money in a sideways market. Even when the price is relatively flat you can still make some profit considering the very small movement that occurs with the price. You can accomplish this with fast binary options like 60- and 30-second trades. With these options, your trades expire in just 30 to 60 seconds. Even if price is moving only in either direction, and you analyze them correctly you will be able to make good money off of those tiny movements.

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